The Greeks to the Greek Gods

This page is all about what the Greeks did other to worshipping the gods in temples and seprate places to worship the gods and how there views changed of the gods.

Did the Greeks have any kind of festivals to worship the Greek Gods?

Greek Festivals
They had annual religous festivals to worship the gods.  There were many different places that had different timing to holding these events.  Usually one happened every season.  In Athens, one happened every season.  They had plays and games and singing which they had awards for the best person.  They had the Olympic games every four years in the Summer and Winter, which were spread apart by two years.  The Olympic Games were held to honor Zeus and the Pantheon.  Plays were very common in festivals and most of them were for religous, or homorous purposes.  Whoever won the Olympic games was very important for the citystates because it proud them much pride.  They also had different games like the Pythian Games which was dedicated to Apollo.
How did the Greeks views of the Greek Gods and worshipping the Greek Gods change?

The Greeks changes worshipping the Greek Gods in many different ways.  At first they had alot of sacrifices and would sacrifice more than one person everyday.  The king was usually the high priest of all the temples and mostly what they did was constant sacrifice and worship.  Little was known about early Greece.  Later they found other ways to worship the Greek Gods like making the Olympic Games to honor Zeus and the Pantheon.  They started to make their own places for people to worship instead of the temples and dedicated the temples as the holding places of the Greek Gods.  They started sacrificing food and animals instead of people to the Greek Gods.  The Greek citystates started to worship one god to the other and they named cities after gods to make them their patron God or Goddess.

 Did people specifically worship one god more than the other?

The Greeks would go to the appropriate god when they were going on a quest or attempting something to try and bring good luck by pleasing the god or goddess.  There was a specific place other then the temples for people to go to worship the pantheon.  People might go to a god or goddess depending on what they do like a farmer would probably worship Demeter more since she's the Goddess of the harvest and they want to have crops so they could make money and have a happy life.